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Carats Cafe Bar
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Carats Cafe Bar
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Carats Cafe Bar
Carats Cafe BarThursday, December 17th, 2015 at 12:37pm
I was able to find this out on line.
Still not sure if it's the same boat?
Never the less God rest them all at this thanks giving time.

THE widow of a tragic fisherman who perished with his brother and four friends spoke for the first time yesterday about her heartache ... 20 years after the tragedy which rocked the town.
Devastated Barbara Garrity broke her silence on the eve of the anniversary of the deaths of six friends Brian Garrity, of Kintyre Avenue; his brother Edward, of Berwick Crescent; Gordon Spence, 26, of Wilson Avenue; Jim Tutty, 28, of Pentland Avenue; Stuart Lindsay, 39, of Blackwood Avenue and skipper William Irvine, 38, from Gourock.
They perished when their fishing boat Destiny sank in ferocious weather in the Firth of Clyde.
Barbara, 46, who lost her husband Edward when he was just 24 year old, said: It doesnt feel like 20 years have passed since Edward died. It is still difficult to talk about.

As each anniversary passes, all the family think of Edward and Brian and the other men. Im still very close with my father-in-law and its an emotional time for all of us.
With Linwood being such a tight community, all the families have stayed close and supported each other through the years and that has helped a lot.
Edward was one of a group of pals, which included his 16-year-old brother Brian, who drowned in the devastating accident.
Barbara, who still lives in Linwood and has brought up Edwards son, also called Edward, last night paid tribute to the men saying theyll forever be in our thoughts and never forgotten.
She said: Its important to remember them, they were close friends out doing what they enjoyed and they never returned home that night.
Its difficult to recall those first days after we all found out because everything is just such a blur but what I do remember well is just how much the people of Linwood and Renfrewshire pulled together to support us all.
Most of us had young families and there were many fundraisers and charity nights arranged to help out the families left behind.
It was such a hard time but we must never forget our dear loved ones we tragically lost at sea on December 16, 1989.
The men drowned while out on the weekend fishing trip.
Their 36-foot boat, Destiny, was caught up in ferocious weather hours after they had set sail from Greenock.
They had left on the Saturday from St Brendans Social Club in Linwood were they were due to join an Christmas party later that night.
Family and friends started to become concerned when they didnt return that night and the coastguard were called in to launch a massive air, sea and shore rescue mission.
Search and rescue teams, including a Sea King helicopter and Ministry of Defence vessels from the Clyde naval base at Faslane joined local fishermen in the hunt for Destiny.
Eventually police divers followed an oil spill and discovered the boat in 120 feet deep water less than a quarter of a mile from the safety of Gourock pier.
The devastating story stunned the community of Renfrewshire and messages of support were sent from all over Scotland to the grief stricken families who were left behind.
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Carats Cafe Bar
Carats Cafe BarThursday, December 17th, 2015 at 11:49am
Found really rare sized goose barnacles mass that came up on the beach today. Been told it's likely come all the way over from the South Pacific. The float has the word DESTINY on it? Does any one know the anything more???
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Carats Cafe Bar
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Thanks to my lovely wife Wendy for all her hard work in getting the cafe ready for Christmas. Check out her other projects. @ www.WendyKraszewski Designs with you in mind?
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